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Our Mission

Based in Fishersville, Virginia, Sadie's Rules was created to provide balanced dog training in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia. We strive to help families create the lives they want to have with their dogs. Take a look at our services provided page for more details on each program offered.

Testimonial of the Week

Thanks to Jess, my 1.5 year old daschund, Hunter, now has the confidence, structure, and balance he needs to live a more enjoyable canine life. Before Sadie's Rules K9 Training, Hunter could not enjoy basic daily dog activities, such as taking a walk, relaxing with me or going to dog friendly public areas. His anxiety and lack of confidence rendered him fearful of everything. Through the board and train program, Jess was able to use her knowledge and experience to help Hunter overcome his challenges. She also taught me how to better understand what my dog is asking of me as well...Hunter continues to do better each day using the training and tools Jess has provided.

Owner & Trainer, Jess  

I grew up with animals and always had a love for them. My family and I never went looking for dogs, but they always seemed to find us. My favorite dog from my childhood was a German Shepherd who liked to chase our horses and cars. As a teen, I knew little about dog training or how to fix the problem, so I hired a trainer who introduced me to a shock collar which somewhat curbed his desire to chase all the things. However, my desire to learn about dog training and, more specifically, balanced dog training didn’t develop until more recently when my family and I fostered a rescue from Bosnia.

Sadie was near death when we got her. Strangers and new situations didn't bother her as she had no energy to respond. But once she recovered, her aggression became apparent. I had no idea how to handle her and I did all the wrong things: I babied her, I carried her away from situations she disliked, I gave her love and attention when she was scared, etc. She continued to worsen even though we worked with several trainers. They all told me they couldn’t help with Sadie’s aggression. I was worried about her future and my ability to control her. Then I found Sean O’Shea of the Good Dog online. His videos and blogs made perfect sense to me. Sadie needed major behavior modification. With the help of Sean O'Shea and Jeff Gellman's (Solid K9 Training) free online content, I started to implement balanced training with Sadie and finally saw improvement.

My friends and co-workers started noticing how much Sadie had improved and they started asking me if I could help with their dogs. It started with simple things and soon enough, I was helping them train their dogs. Sadie's Rules K9 Training took off from there.

I want to continue to be a resource for families in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia. Given the struggle I had, I want others to know there is hope and they don't have to be stuck with a dog they can't take to the park or walk down the street. At one point when I was looking for a place to board Sadie, someone told me I should just take her to the vet and have her put down. This was absolutely not the answer I was looking for and I'm here to let others know, it definitely doesn't have to be the answer for anyone. There are options and even if I don't train your dog, I can help answer your questions or get you the help you need. For general information or to find a trainer near you, I recommend starting with the IACP.

Sadie of Bosnia

Sadie was given her ticket to life thanks to the Puppy Rescue Mission and the Tanzie Project, Inc. 

She was taken off the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and lived in a "shelter" until she was brought to the U.S. with a few lucky others.


Sadie's curse is that she does not look aggressive and she is quite beautiful. Even when she was previously out in public with a muzzle on, random people would attempt to pet her. I had to learn quickly to be her advocate, and tell them "no." But I learned that the more I could advocate for her, the less she felt a need to respond (in her inappropriate, aggressive, and dangerous way). 

Now when out in public, Sadie chooses to ignore what stresses her. Balanced training has enabled me to not worry about her on a daily basis. I can go on trips and board her at a facility, which I previously could not do. Sadie even helps me socialize dogs that come in for our board and train and need help learning how to be around other dogs. She is so patient with them and its so amazing to see her confidence. Balanced training changed her life; I dare say, like the organizations below, it saved her life. 


To learn more about the organizations that saved Sadie and many like her please visit:

Puppy Rescue Mission

The Tanzie Project