What can a high level correction do for your dog? 

What can a high level correction do for your dog?  There is a really simple answer to this question. A high level correction can prevent your dog from repeating a behavior (hopefully an unwanted behavior such as chasing the cat, or eating the dog poop, or lunging at the dog walking by, whatever it may be). But, really, it is going to do so, so much more than that for the relationship you have with your dog. 

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Jessica Schneiderman
Why I became an aggressive dog

My name is Sadie, some people knew me as Gypsy, and I was saved from the streets of Bosnia. A few years ago I was able to get my ticket to freedom by means of a plane ride to the United States with my fellow street dog Star and her mom Christine Dewson. I was so cute, pretty, and docile they just couldn’t pass me up. I mean, who could? Luckily, my mom, (you guys know her as Jess) said she would foster me so I had a nice home waiting for me when I got here.

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Why do so many people shy away from telling their own dog "No."

As a kid I was no stranger to discipline. Both of my parents disciplined me and because of them I'm the respectful and strong person I am today. I can only remember getting spanked twice, but my goodness, my mom had what we called the death grip, and when she used it on an arm there was no getting free and struggling only made it worse. My point is, my parents were not afraid to tell me or my brothers "no."

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