Charlottesville, VA Board and Train


3 week program: $1600

This program is designed to be all-inclusive for that dogs that need basic obedience. Your dog will come live in my home for 3 weeks and be part of my pack. Your dog will learn house manners, leash manners, appropriate socialization, and basic commands. During its time in my home, you can be assured it will get plenty of 1 on 1 attention as it will be just one of two board and train dogs I have at the time. The $1600 price includes training, prong collar, e-collar, 2 hour go-home session, and 1 hour follow-up session within 1 month of pick-up.

5 week program: $2250

This program is designed for the dog that needs behavior modification in addition to basic obedience. If your dog is struggling with dog aggression, fear aggression, separation anxiety, lack of confidence, or other complicated behaviors, then this program will address it. The price includes prong collar, e-collar, two 1.5 hour go-home sessions, and 1 hour follow-up session within 1 month of pick-up.

Charlottesville, VA dog training. Private Lessons.



The program is designed for the owner that wants to learn the in and outs of obedience and e-collar communication. In four, 1 hour sessions your dog will learn sit, down, come, place, and e-collar heel. The $600 price includes lessons, prong collar, and e-collar.

Charlottesville, VA dog training. Walking dog on leash.


$100 (1 hour lesson and prong collar) $30 each additional 30 minutes. 

Do you have a great dog but you struggle to walk him on a leash? Or do you just work long hours and need me to get your dog out for some exercise? Whichever the case may be, my structured walk program is the solution. Initial fee of $100 includes 60 minute lesson and prong collar. Each additional 30 minute walk $30.