"We were preparing for a cross-country move when we contacted Jess for help with our 18-month old puppy, Hercules. We knew that he -- and we -- needed a different set of tools to solve for his anxiety and reactivity issues, particularly as we prepared for a long list of "new" -- new home, new city, new neighbors, new schedule. Through the board and train program, Jess identified and addressed the underlying causes of Herc's problematic behavior, and introduced balance and structure that we were able to replicate when he came home. 

From day one, everyone from our vet to the staff at doggie daycare explained away Hercules' excessive energy (and all the challenges that came with it) as a trait of the breed. Jess gave us a different answer -- one that has made a world of difference for our family. Thanks to Sadie's Rules, we now have a dog who can run 10 miles AND hang out at our feet on a crowded patio. And as dog owners, we feel like we finally have the tools we need to help him succeed. The result has been so much added happiness for us and Hercules, and confidence that he can adjust to a new environment. Thank you Jess for helping us press the "reset" button!" -Emily G.

"Count me among the very satisfied clients of Jess Schneiderman. I enrolled in the four lesson training package at Sadiesrulesk9training.com along with my 15 month old Labrador retriever. I could not be happier with both the instructional process and the results. I admit to initially being apprehensive about the use of the E-collar. Jess quickly allayed my fear by fitting the collar around my arm and engaging it. Because I experienced no discomfort, I proceeded with the program with the confidence that my dog would not be subjected to undue discomfort. The E-collar coupled with the pronged collar (both of which were provided in the training package) proved to be highly effective training aids. Jess was professional, flexible and always arrived in a timely fashion for our training sessions. The sessions were focused, organized, and fun---particularly because my dog responded so well to her training techniques. Jess worked with my dog during each session but, more importantly, she taught me how to work with my dog. She also followed up each session with an email summary of the training session that proved to be invaluable. The results have been terrific and my dog is happier and more responsive than ever. I unequivocally recommend Jess as a caring and competent dog trainer." -Stan D.

"Jess was our saving grace with our new dog, Gracie! When we rescued her from the SPCA she was very hyper, had no structure, and we did not know how to handle her. We were feeling very overwhelmed and lost. Through Jess' guidance with structured walks Gracie is already showing improvements after just a few sessions of work. She is much more calm on her leash and even around our other dog. We now have the tools necessary to handle her energetic personality. We are so thankful for Jess!" -Kristin T.

"Jess worked wonders with our family dog! Before Jess, Millie was anxious and her nerves made her aggressive around other dogs. We rescued her so we felt like her behavior was inevitable and we basically let her run the house. With Jess's help Millie is more confident around others, much more comfortable on the leash, and has learned to trust us. We are so grateful for the tools Jess provided us and the competence to train our rescue pup into a safe family pet." -Charlie W. 

"Our 10 month old pup had her first training session with Jess just two days ago, and our lives have already improved for the best. Ivy struggles with separation anxiety and was only listening to commands when she was in the mood to do so. We have started with learning "place" and working on structured walks. Jess has shown us that by teaching Ivy what we expect from her and providing a routine, her anxiety and uncertainty can be alleviated. In just two days we have already seen an improvement in her behavior. We are so excited to continue with our training sessions, but really could not do it without Sadie's Rules!" - Maggie B

"Thanks to Jess, my 1.5 year old dachshund, Hunter, now has the confidence, structure, and balance he needs to live a more enjoyable canine life. Before Sadie's Rules K9 Training, Hunter could not enjoy basic daily dog activities, such as taking a walk, relaxing with me or going to dog friendly public areas. His anxiety and lack of confidence rendered him fearful of everything. Through the board and train program, Jess was able to use her knowledge and experience to help Hunter overcome his challenges. She also taught me how to better understand what my dog is asking of me as well...Hunter continues to do better each day using the training and tools Jess has provided." -Liz H.