Charlottesville dog training. Girl with dog.

Sadie is my inspiration for becoming a dog trainer and being able to help people all while doing what I love. And for that, I would like to share her story with you.

Sadie was given her ticket to life thanks to the Puppy Rescue Mission and The Tanzie Project, Inc.  She was taken off the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and lived in a "shelter" until she was brought to the U.S. with a few lucky others.  Sadie's curse is that she does not look aggressive and she is quite beautiful. Even when she was previously out in public with a muzzle on, random people would attempt to pet her. I had to learn quickly to be her advocate, and tell them "no." But I learned that the more I could advocate for her, the less she felt a need to respond (in her inappropriate, aggressive, and dangerous way). 

Now when out in public, Sadie chooses to ignore what stresses her. Balanced training has enabled me to not worry about her on a daily basis. I can go on trips and board her at a facility, which I previously could not do. Sadie even helps me socialize dogs that come in for our board and train and need help learning how to be around other dogs. She is so patient with them and its so amazing to see her confidence. Balanced training changed her life; I dare say, like the organizations below, it saved her life. 

To learn more about the organizations that saved Sadie and many like her, please click on the pictures below!